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At Moody's, we unite the brightest minds to turn today’s risks into tomorrow’s opportunities.

We do this by striving to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to be who they are—with the freedom to exchange ideas, think innovatively, and listen to each other and customers in meaningful ways.
“Inclusion is not just a principle, but a global practice that enhances our success by encouraging a sense of belonging, because when every voice is heard, we reach more holistic, intelligent decisions that create better outcomes for all."

Francisco Martinez-Garcia
Chief Inclusion Officer

We stand for inclusion
We are committed to cultivating a culture where every individual feels a sense of belonging. We strive to create an environment where all employees can safely express their true selves, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, age, veteran status, disability, or any other personal characteristic.  

We recognize the importance of supporting and understanding each other. Our commitment extends to maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace with zero tolerance for racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia or any other expression of hate, in any form, for any group or community.

We also believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed. This dedication extends to growth opportunities for both our employees and our communities.

Moody’s is committed to racial justice.

We all have a responsibility to do better and to build a more just society that serves everyone equally. Read the statement from our CEO and Executive Leadership Team on our commitment to racial justice.

Support Black Talent
We are making an intentional effort to offer internships and employment opportunities to our Moody’s Foundation education partners who serve the Black community with a goal of increasing our talent pipeline.
Advance Black Leaders
Moody’s is committed to catalyzing the advancement of ethnically diverse candidates at Moody’s and promoting cultural awareness. This includes expanding internal conversations on diversity through our Moody’s Courageous Conversations series, empowering diverse employees to reach their full potential, and engaging with organizations dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Educate about Racial Justice
Our affiliate, Four Twenty Seven, who are recognized experts in assessing climate risk will use their platform to educate about environmental justice, equitable adaptation, and the interplay of race and climate change through webinars, publications and research.
Inclusion is essential to our business
Moody's recognizes the vital role that diverse perspectives play in driving our success and shaping our future. We believe that a workforce comprised of individuals with varied thoughts, backgrounds and experiences, creates an environment that makes our decisions smarter, our opinions stronger, our products more innovative, and our workplace more welcoming.    

We foster long-term relationships with our teams and customers by leading with empathy and inclusivity, acknowledging the whole person beyond just their professional roles.  

Our values define how we create better outcomes, allowing individuals and organizations to thrive. Our culture of inclusion and belonging is integral to our values.
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Our Inclusion Operating and Governance Model turns the strategy into reality.

This can only happen with the intentional efforts of our people and teams, especially those within our Inclusion Operating and Governance Model. This includes Moody’s Global Inclusion Council, chaired by our CEO and made up of Moody’s Corporation Operating Committee members; our Regional Inclusion Council, made up of Regional Executive Sponsors; the Inclusion team; and our BRG Co-Chairs.
Our Inclusion Strategy
Our Inclusion strategy will guide us as we create meaningful change. We have built our five focus areas based on experience, data, and most importantly, employee feedback:
  • Developing a broader and more global perspective on diversity
  • Our business resource groups (BRGs) as cultural ambassadors
  • Awareness and education
  • Pay equity and inclusive benefits
  • The success and growth of women.
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